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Dreams in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay

Dreams in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck A dream can be described as an ambition or the aspiration to reach a goal in life. In the novel Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck creates characters to have an optimistic dream. These dreams are ones which they would all like to make a reality. They all have a longing and desire to fulfil their dreams. For example, Lennie and George are both working to get their own land. George and Lennie represent many who have this dream for their future. Many people travelling to ranches have the dream of having their own land and having the ability to be in control of their own lives, unlike reality, where they have to abide by what the owner of the ranch says. It†¦show more content†¦Although some peoples dreams were destroyed at this time, some clenched tightly on to their dreams. Such individuals were characters that stuck together. George and Lennie had a dream. They wanted their own land where they could do what they wanted, somewhere they could call their own. George and Lennie are two characters in the novel that stick by each other. They are migrant workers that have to travel to find labour. They are examples of characters that are attached to their dreams and are determined to make them become a reality. George and Lennie both see the same dream; however Lennie is only concerned about one thing. As he has a love for all soft objects, he would like to tend the rabbits on their own ranch. Nevertheless, George has to think this through as he is what some people would say, the brains of the operation. He has to think about how they are going to support themselves on the ranch. The reason for this is, George is the clever partner of the two. Conversely, Lennie is physically a stronger and bigger person in comparison to George. He is used to heavy work and can do a lot more physical labour than the average man. George is a character that looks after Lennie as he is mentally weak. They have built up a love for each other that has made their friendship as tight as a box. Lennie looks at the same dream from a different prospective. He seesShow MoreRelatedThe Ruined Dreams Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck1196 Words   |  5 PagesThe Ruined Dreams in Of Mice and Men Many people in today’s society believe that the perfect American dream is comprised of a house on a tree lined street and 2.5 children. People during the Great Depression era had similar dreams, however most of them never came true. The novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is about two vagrants named George and Lennie, based in the 1930’s. The boys travel from town to town in search for work and ultimately, circumstances lead to Lennie’s death. The charactersRead MoreThe American Dream in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck712 Words   |  3 PagesThe American Dream in Of Mice and Men The American dream is the traditional social ideals of the US, such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity. In the Novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck the American Dream plays a huge role in almost every character’s lives, and the different version of the American dream for each individual has affected both their lives and the outcome of this novella. The American dream plays a role that makes each character more hard working and perseveredRead MoreMotivation for the American Dream in Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck783 Words   |  4 Pagestrying it achieve something. Motivation can be applied to the American Dream. In the book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, the levels of motivation are clearly evident, this affects the process of how the characters achieve their dreams. Of Mice and Men is a story of two migrant workers, how they deal with their American Dream, and the troubles of working on a ranch during The Great Depression. The Characters of Of Mice and Men are going through these levels of motivation and achievement. ThroughRead MoreThe American Dream in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay531 Words   |  3 PagesWhen we try to chase our dreams, we end up in our own diminutive lonely world. Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, has taught readers that the American dream can only ever be accomplished through hard w ork and determination. More times than others, we are distracted by the dream itself, and don’t chase the reality, which can then lead to high expectations, and without hard determination, that can then failure. In the end, we have been lonely for so long, chasing a dream, that when reality hits usRead MoreEssay on The American Dream in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck1615 Words   |  7 Pages The novel, Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck refers back to The American Dream as heaven. Steinbeck is trying to point out that the American Dream is unrealistic. This novel looks back at the dreams of American individuals in the 1930s. It is set in California at the time of the Great Depression during which the American stock market collapsed leaving the nation in a state of economical disarray. The disease, hunger and poverty in England were highRead MoreThe American Dream in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck710 Words   |  3 PagesThe American Dream is something that many individuals have desired for countless years. Although it has evolved during the past couple of years, many individuals still strive to achieve it. Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men illustrates this American Dream of the 1930’s, which is looked upon as impossible through the failure of George and Lennie’s achievement. â€Å"The story Of Mice and Men and the American Dream is known to be somewhat different; it can define the independence and self-sufficiency forRead MoreThe American Dream in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Essay1098 Words   |  5 Pages Of Mice And Men explores the ways in which both immigrants and Americans tried to conquer and obtain their goal in life, which in this case was to try and attain their own the American Dream. I will also explores ways in how the American Dream is central to the novel and how Steinbeck reflects the society at the time. In the early 1900s the object that determined the wealth of a family, the object that was mentioned in every conversation all over the world andRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath And Of Mice And Men1644 Words   |  7 PagesJarvis Johnson Research Paper John Steinbeck is an American author of 27 books, widely known for award winning novels, The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men; Steinbeck is also a Nobel Prize winning of Literature. Steinbeck’s writing expresses realistic and creative thoughts, combining as they do compassionate comedy (through Lennie) and intense social perception with their surrounding national culture. John Steinbeck, â€Å"Of mice and Men†, Printed in 1937, articulating a tale of characters, GeorgeRead MoreSteinbeck’s Quest for Friendship, Dreams, and Personality in Of Mice and Men1742 Words   |  7 PagesCurly and Lennie, two men that traveled together everywhere they went. In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck describes friendship, dreams, and personality to describe Lennie and Curly adventures. Steinbeck believed that friendship was important. Lennie knows that George will always have his back, although Lennie cannot protect George he feels like he can (Steinbeck 14). Even though George says, he does not want Lennie with him; he does not want to leave him by himself (Steinbeck 13). When Lennie andRead MoreJohn Steinbeck: An American Writer During the Great Depression1315 Words   |  6 Pagesand issues. They were motivated to arouse sympathy for the suffering of common people, especially those at the very bottom of the society. (Wang, 2012) John Steinbeck (1902-1968), born in Salinas, California, is one of the most significant and representative American writers in that era. He is the winner of the Noble Prize for Literature in 1962. John Steinbeck’s living experience in California had a great influence on his writing. He grew up in one of the richest agricultural place. Steinbeck’s lifelong

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What Is Love Essay examples - 1693 Words

â€Å"I love you.† These three small words have such a powerful meaning. Love is something for which every human since the beginning of time has searched. From the quest for the perfect guy or girl, to yearning for acceptance, the search goes back to the individual’s desire for love. The dilemma is that love has become hackneyed and clichà ©. People fling around the word love as if it is nothing when in reality love is such a powerful word. People use the word love when in reality they should be using the word lust or infatuation. Society tries to replace a person’s need to be loved through sex, which does not work because that person just ends up getting hurt. Does true love really exist, or is it as bogus as a fairytale? The poems, â€Å"Let me not†¦show more content†¦In the poem, â€Å"Let me not to the marriage of true love,† the speaker notes that love that alters through circumstances is not love at all (Shakespeare 574). True love is un conditional. True love does not care whether a person’s lover’s looks or personality change because the person will still love her. Even if the lover makes mistakes, the love is still present. The speaker also articulates that love watches through the storm, but is never moved (Shakespeare). True love is identical to being in an eye of a storm. Although there is a destructive storm around, nothing can disturb or shake true love. When problems arise, the lovers may be shaken, but never moved. The speaker realizes that beauty if fleeting. He comments that even though the beauty of youth will go away, love does not change; love is not bound by time. True love realizes that people are not going to be young and beautiful forever. Time basically does not exist because even after death, the love will still be there. Shakespeare’s speaker compares true love to a star that guides all the lost ships; although a person may be able to calculate its distance no one will tr uly comprehend how much it is truly worth (574). True love can be like a star it seems like such a little thing until one studies it and experiences it and then the true worth of it is known. Shakespeare’s character argues that if true love does not exist, Shakespeare has neverShow MoreRelatedWhat Is Love? What It Is?1527 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is Love? When asked the question â€Å"What is Love?† what are some of the first things that come to mind? Some people might say it is an emotion that we experience when we interact with the world around us. People can have love for many things such as money and other material possessions, family and friends, even the world around them. These are just a few examples of how we often use love in our lives. However, love is not only confined to our lives, it is also a very important emotion in religionsRead MoreWhat Is Love?1020 Words   |  5 Pages250 Tu/Thu 10/5/10 What is Love? Love is one of the most difficult words to define. I challenge you to try. You can even go the easy way and simply Google the word â€Å"love†. What you will find is not one but hundreds of definitions along with countless books, movies, and songs all having to do with love. The reason why it is so hard to define love is because there are different forms/stages of love and there are so many things that love can consist of. Also, love can have a different definitionRead MoreWhat is love?872 Words   |  3 PagesLove and passion is the burning sensation that drives humans to lead their lives into new horizons: following the heart hoping it will guide the way. Janie, the lead character in the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, written by Zora Neale Hurston, is suppressed by family, and two different husband too, only to find pain and sorrow by not following her heart until she is freed by a man who loves her deeply with only one thing on his mind, to protect and love her like nobody else before. ThroughRead MoreWhat Is Love?1080 Words   |  4 PagesTwelfth Night is love. The notion of love is important to the plot as many of the characters are driven by love. There are multiple forms of love depicted throughout the play; each character represents a different type of love. Viola displays a patient, sincere, and enduring love for Orsion as well as a deep familial love for her brother. Sebastian and Antonio share a special bond which could be classified as brotherly love. These two bonds can be seen as the most real forms of love depicted in TwelfthRead MoreWhat is Love?559 Words   |  2 Pagesdictionary love is a feeling of strong affection for a person. (Merriam-Webster) In my opinion, love is a conjunction of different feelings altogether, when a person is in love they feel happy, sad, excited, and scared everything at the same time. What I am trying to say is that for me there is not real definition for love because nobody can really explain the mix of feelings that happened when one is in love. According to one of Latterell’s assumptions love conquers all, she says that, â€Å"true love willRead MoreWhat Is Love?1409 Words   |  6 Pageswaiting for his response. â€Å"I’m looking at love realistically this time around, instead of through the eyes of romantic delirium.† Julian scoffed. â€Å"You can’t fool me. Save your breath.† David was finding it harder to keep his cool. â€Å"I don’t even know the girl with whom I’m supposed to be in love. The whole thing was kind of an illusion, at least the romantic part. Cecilia was Daniel’s girl.† â€Å"That didn’t bother you this past summer—you were head over heels in love.† â€Å"Yeah, with a girl astral projectingRead MoreWhat is Love?589 Words   |  2 PagesWhat is â€Å"Love†? Love can be defined as different things. Love can be the love between brother and sister, sibling love, like Ender and Val. Love can also be the love between a boyfriend and girlfriend or a husband and wife, like Val and her husband, which the book doesn’t really talk much about, or Novinha and Libo. In strange cases, the love you should have for a girlfriend or wife but you feel that way for your sister, like Miro and Ouanda. Love is one of the weirdest feeling ever and is somethingRead MoreWhat Is Love Essay796 Words   |  4 PagesMonday Oct. 19th What is Love? According to Webster’s dictionary the word love is described as a strong, positive emotion of regard and affection. But in society today it seems as if we throw the word love around in such a loose manner it really has lost its meaning. Ranging from â€Å"I love Coach purses†, to actually telling a person â€Å"I love you† is now a common thing. Throughout this essay I’ll be taking a philosophical approach to help give a better understanding of what love is according to theRead MoreWhat Is Freedom For Love? Essay746 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is Freedom to Love? Some would say that freedom to love is, having no limitations or boundaries. To see everyone equally. Many would say that freedom to love is, to give ones life for another. I agree with both statements but I would go further to say that freedom to love is not only an act or a response but it is a lifestyle. Something that defines you. Something that make you, who you are. As proud Americans, this month we celebrate the freedom that we have in this country and theRead MoreWhat is Love? Essay1558 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is Love? Romantic Love Is love chemical? Love cant be just pheromones, surely body chemistry changes. Although, perhaps that is why people break up after a while. Maybe they were attracted to each other at one point, but then the pheromones they were giving off change and the other person is no longer attracted to them. What is attraction based on? What attracts one person to another? People have said they have fallen in love before meeting in person, thanks to the Internet

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Emo Subculture Free Essays

The Emo subculture consists of two distinct groups. The Emo Subculture The term â€Å"Emo† that is now applied to individuals originated as short hand for â€Å"Emotional music† Traditional Emo Sub-Culture This â€Å"emotional music† draws from a broad range of contemporary genres linked with the common consistent themes of emotionally vivid views often associated with adolescence. For many youths of the mid-80s this music functioned as a safe-haven for emotional expression. We will write a custom essay sample on Emo Subculture or any similar topic only for you Order Now Over time a subculture was formed around this mutual appreciation and in turn became a safe-haven where youths could freely express themselves while facilitating social interactions and identity formation for these introspective people. From this sprang the Emo subculture that rejected the mainstream in favor of independent performances. Additionally this culture allowed individuals to express their societal views with like minded people, creating the activist stance they are known for today. As the popularity of the Emo movement grew it became much more accessible to the mainstream industry. Modern Emo Subculture As a result a re-invention of the music and culture was spawned and became the Modern Emo Subculture. While sharing many traits with the traditional Emo this new subculture embraced the mainstream direction of the Emo-music. In time the modern Emo would drift further from it’s origins and the previously extreme individualism and non-conformist outlook was replaced with the familiar features of a Trend. This change in outlook paved the way for the signature style Emos are known for today as fans of popular Emo bands began to emulate their idols in both dress and style. The modern day Emo has ironically become heavily influenced by mainstream media and popular figures Emo Influences The Seven P’s Marketing to Emos The product we are offering is a clothing range suited to the Emo culture. Product Our product will be differentiated from our competitors in a variety of ways. Our primary method of differentiation will be through the careful establishment of specific product affiliation to key Emo cultural figures and rallying points. We have targeted our approach in this manner to make efficient use of the insular nature of this subculture, making endorsements and sponsorships significantly more effective then those of more traditional consumer bases. The products we offer will also be recognised and differentiated by design. Our products will incorporate patches and logos with popular political, socio-economic and human interest messages much in the same way that many other clothing lines promote bands and groups. It is our belief that the Emo subculture will respond well to the clothing styles with which they are familiar, coupled with the opportunity to express their beliefs and individualism. The price management of the product will be integral to the success of this project Price Entering the Market Place We plan to enter the market in a less traditional manner in order to take advantage of The Emo’s specific traits In the initial stages of our entry to the market we will be undertaking projects to distribute our products at Indie rock music festivals. In particular targeting specific â€Å"up and coming† independent bands and groups Through this we believe we will be able to achieve some portion of the fans devotion to these groups securing customer loyalty while simultaneously achieving our primary goal of brand affiliation. In tandem with this approach we will be selling our products in our own online stores Only after completing our initial placement will our products be offered in retail stores We make this decision with the belief that this approach will generate a sense of exclusivity and hype within the Emo subculture to appeal to the individual nature of our consumer base We are confident that this can be facilitated through the use of social networking sites, in which the Emo subculture is highly active. Promotion is one of the cornerstones of our product implementation plan Promotion In addition to this our clothing range will not be separated into the traditional men’s and women’s categories. Instead we will offer a single androgynous clothing line to match the style and needs of our consumer base. To further facilitate the individuality of the Emo subculture our online stores will allow customers semi-custom design of their purchase through a set selection of logos and logo locations. Allowing customers to choose which message is displayed on what part of their clothing. E. g. A customer may choose to display a pro-vegan logo on the left shoulder or the right breast pocket. We shall be undertaking a number of promotional activities in order to achieve our brand recognition and product affiliation goals. As mentioned in previous sections it is our primary goal to affiliate our products with popular Emo bands and figures, such as Avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance, as well as with key concepts and issues important to the Emo subculture. We can achieve this through advertisement at popular concerts either including the acts directly or through banners and posters Additionally we will be hosting giveaway events at concerts with free t-shirts, jackets and other clothing in order to further promote our brand image within the Emo subculture It is also our intention to host sales stalls at charity events with partial proceeds of these sales being donated to the charity in question. Many charity events are popular within the Emo subculture and this is an important opportunity for our corporation to further its image of sharing the same fundamental values as our consumer base. Of course we will also be implementing advertisement activities though social media such as Facebook and Blogging sites. The Emo culture has an active presence on these sites and it represents a cost effective process of engaging our target market. In our dealings with a characteristically expressive consumer base it is important to ensure enjoyable interactions People By distributing our products through popular Emo retail stores such as we will be ensuring that the staff will be able to relate to the customer This is important within the Emo culture as fashion is treated as a social statement As we will also be selling our products at concerts, music festivals and charity events, it is imperative we employ staff that can understand and relate to the Emo culture. This has the added benefit of requiring less training for these low level retail positions It is important to make the purchasing process an enjoyable experience Process This is especially true when dealing with such a close-knit and outspoken community. With such specialist products word of mouth could make or break. In order to achieve this we will be focusing on our employees being capable of rapport with the customer and individual opinion on choices as well as the implementation of our online customisation options Emos are characterised as creative and expressive, it is our belief that these customisation options and the ability to discuss their choices with like minded individuals will greatly enhance their experience. Depending upon the success of the customisation function we may implement a custom order system for the independent retailers Physical Evidence Cost plus pricing strategy will be used to target segment with high disposable income Through analysis of the physical evidence we will be able to determine the suitability of our product range Joey Keifouz Ronald Mills Peter Whitehead The Emo Tribe Factors which increase subculture influence Emos and the Macro-environment Demographic environment †¢Increasing diversity: the population in Australia s becoming more ethnically diverse, which increases international exposure through personal relationships. Economic environment †¢Increases in consumer spending: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 2. 5% over the previous year, which translates to an increase in total spending of the same amount. Natural environment †¢Environmental sustainability: Our product will be developed using environmentally sustainable resources. Technological environment †¢Manufacturing innovation: technology is constantly increasing manufacturing capabilities and reducing production costs †¢Social media: The advent of social media has increased advertising exposure for many subcultures including Emo. Political and social environment †¢Increased ethical and social responsibility: product designs are politically influenced and promote messages of responsibility. Factors which decrease subculture influence Emos and the Macro-environment Cultural environment †¢View of nature: the increasing amount of the population which believes in natural responsibility will increase the popularity of our product range. Demographic environment †¢Changing age structure: the average age of the Australian population is slowly increasing. The Emo subculture is traditionally comprised of older teens and young adults. This will decrease the available market. Demographic environment (cont. ) †¢Geographical population shifts: populations are moving away from capital cities. This not only decreases exposure to Emo subculture, but also decreases advertising effectiveness. Demographic environment (cont. ) †¢More professional population: The rise of professionalism is likely to reduce the popularity of Emo subculture. Economic environment †¢Changes in consumer spending patterns: retail sales have decreased for 2012, eg. From June sales have dropped by 0. 8% Natural environment †¢Environmental disasters: There is always possibilities of natural disasters such as fire and flood which could damage manufacturing capabilities. Political and social environment †¢Changes in legislation: increasing legal restrictions may influence our products. Eg, legislation which bans public political statements would cause a sharp decrease in sales. Sales data will be collected from retail and online stores Analysis also reveals success rate of marketing strategies towards Emo segment Online â€Å"secret shopper† to obtain consumer perspective on our product range As a subculture based upon a musical genre the â€Å"non-conformist† Emo may indeed be more heavily influenced then thers Influences upon the Modern Day Emo are not limited to that of high profile bands and celebrities In today’s society the Emo is easily recognised by their dark fitted clothing, distinctive hairstyles and overall androgynous approach to fashion. Due to the interconnection of the subculture Emos receive significant influence from their peers resulting in partial feedback causing core issues to self maintain within the s ociety Of this group of peers some Emos have themselves achieved semi-celebrity status as bloggers and rallying points for the Emo subculture How to cite Emo Subculture, Papers

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Attending New York Boys State Essay Example For Students

Attending New York Boys State Essay Being accepted and then attending New York Boys State were two separate journeys that marked a new beginning in my life. Before Boys State, I never even heard of it, it was completely unknown to me which frightened me but at the same time increased my curiosity. My guidance counselor was the one who presented it to me believing that I would be an excellent candidate. I still couldnt just attend Boys State, I had to go through an interview with my towns American Legion who would be sending me to Boys State. I already knew that the interview wasnt going to be easy because going to Boys State was a huge honor and they werent going to accept an average student. I knew I had to be successful in my interview and present myself in the best way possible in order to attend Boys State. I still remember sitting in the car before my interview and begging my mom to take me home because I was still very nervous about it. Was I going to freeze up? Was I going to get embarrassed? were some of the questions going through my head. All dressed up, I nervously sat down for the interview in front of the president and vice-president of the American Legion. Sit up straight. Answer the questions efficiently. Smile Tanner. Were just just some commands I had going through my head as the interview went on. I knew that if I kept controlled that the interview would be a success and I would sent honorably to New York Boys State. After the interview had been completed I smiled, shook the mens hands and walked out. Three days later I got the call. I was going to be sent to Boys State! Now that I look back, I remember not being very excited. I had no idea what was going to happen there. If only I knew about the experiences I would go through. Instead, I was content being accepted. However, the clear goal and experience of Boys State was very confusing, even after my guidance counselor and the leaders at American Legion explained what was going to happen there. All I knew was that I was going to Morrisville College, where Boys State was held, for six days at the end of the school year. I wouldve never had expected what actually occurred while I was there. My experiences were life changing. Barely awake, I shuffled to the bathroom on a beautiful, summer morning at the crack of dawn. Had my two bags packed full of clothes, toiletries, baseball glove, etc, and chucked them into the back of my dads car with bagel in mouth and coffee in hand. Leave your phone inside. my dad said to me, it was forbidden to have phones for the duration of my time at Boys State. Said my final goodbyes and I was off to the Park and Ride to catch my bus for an 8 hour ride to Morrisville.

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Opaque and Articulate Design Essay Example

Opaque and Articulate Design Essay Looking at another field of study, industries also affect the society’s sustainability. In a study by Dewick and associates, they analyzed the environmental impacts of the production of yogurt throughout the years. As they have found out, environmental impacts are largely generated from the industrial production of yogurt where waste products and air pollution are included. Nevertheless, no technological advancement has ultimately solved this problem since the process of yogurt production is still the same as the first time it was employed. The authors recommended that new technology should be used to further reduce the environmental impact that yogurt production can cause. The authors believed that for a technological change to happen, it should be accompanied by a social change. It is by accomplishing this dual change that sustainable production can be achieved and thus, resulting to a sustainable community. Products of different industries always have environmental impacts no matter how minute they are. Nevertheless, it is better to assess the negative effects in processing such products. A useful method of obtaining the information needed is the use of environmental life cycle assessment or LCA. In this technique, the authorities try to examine the effects of the product from its birth to its waste disposal after the consumer has used the product well. This can be useful in assessing the sustainability of a community. Nevertheless, the LCA is not perfectly appropriate in evaluating the impact that a product may cause to the environment. We will write a custom essay sample on Opaque and Articulate Design specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Opaque and Articulate Design specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Opaque and Articulate Design specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Self-Assessment Throughout the paper, sustainability has been discussed in detail and its factors in different fields and industries have been tackled. Long journals have been summarized briefly and coherently yet; it would not be enough to just read the paper but journals that were cited as well. A variety of perspectives was employed to explain sustainability and how it will be attained. However, no specific agencies responsible for the implementation of the sustainability design projects were mentioned. It is remarkable that sustainability can have a broad scope of implementation, from the field of arts to industrial science. Academic journals were used in the paper to better communicate the need to initiate sustainable design projects. Nevertheless, it would have been better if the paper have based its arguments on more references rather than the journals listed alone. Sustainability is one way of showing the world that the health of nature matters to us. Sustainable design projects should be initiated and developed to decrease the negative environmental impacts that man’s creations and existence bring. It does not mean that everyone should find a reliable design project to fund such as those discussed; however, everyone is encouraged to formulate little ways to increase society’s sustainability. One does not need to be part of expensive research laboratories to be of help to humanity and the environment. BIBLIOGRAPHY Borgmann, Albert. â€Å"Opaque and Articulate Design†. International Journal of Technology and Design Education 11 (2001): 5-11. Cogdell, Christina. â€Å"Products or Bodies? Streamline Design and Eugenics as Applied Biology†. Design 19, no. 1 (2003): 36-53.

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Risk Management A Four

Risk Management A Four Introduction Throughout Life, be it of a person or event of an entity is usually characterized by uncertainties regarding the future. Indeed, there may be future events happening, and according to many research findings, these future events maybe success factors or they may lead to succumbing.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Risk Management: A Four-Step Process specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The future events that have the ability of making the life of a person or an entity to be jeopardized are commonly referred to as risks (Baik 7). Literally, risk is termed as the potentiality of a chosen event will surface a loss or even an outcome, which is not desirable. Contemporarily, almost have realized the benefits of implementing risk management strategies in an effort towards mitigating losses that may be presented by the risks. As defined in ISO 31000, risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks. The sources of risks are inexhaustible. This implies that risks can be surfaced by any situation and that any event has its risks. According to Vaughan, risk management is a process constituted of four stages (66). These stages include; risk identification, analysis of probabilities in addition to consequences, establishment of most viable risk mitigation strategies and control and documentation. Risk management can be described as an aspect of strategic management because, when practiced, the effects of risks are marginally felt (Baik 18). Thesis Statement The purpose of this paper is to identify and critically analyze risks as presented in most books covering the same topic. In addition to this, the paper will also establish ways in which risks can be mitigated, controlled as well as documented. Discussion In the risk management process, the risks are identified in the first phase, which is risk identification. Risk identification refers to the risk management process where the specific risk factors are identified.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, since not all risks apply, only those that are capable of reasonably affecting a specified project are identified. In order to come up with the most effective risk identification strategy, it is necessary that a person come up with a likely risk classification scheme (Kerzner 11). The second phase involves the analysis of the risk identified. In this phase, depending on the probability of the risk occurring, estimates are attached thus forming a matrix. The matrix serves to reflect each and every identifiable project risk prioritized according to the size of the occurrence probability. The matrix also reflects the potential consequences to not only the project but to all the parties involved, as well. This analysis is particularly essential as it presents the gener al impact of the risk (Kerzner 15). The third phase involves establishing the mitigation strategies. This phase involves coming up with the most viable steps aimed at reducing the potential effect of the risk factors perceived to be a threat to the life of a project. Usually, four alternatives can be adopted in mitigation of risks. They are; accepting risks, transferring risks, sharing of risk, in addition to minimization of risks. A majority of organizations utilize these methods alongside practical approaches such as creation of systems where members can be effectively trained (Vaughan 69). The fourth and final phase of risk management entails control in addition to the documentation. Putting a focus on the future projects, this phase involves the creation of the knowledge base for projects to be initiated in the future while making the lessons learning as the guiding factor (Kerzner 20).Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Risk Management: A Four-Step P rocess specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Some of these risks include technical risks, operating risks, in addition to political risks. Technical Risks These risks represent the likelihood of a project not performing according to the expectations or according to the required technical standards. Further, they represent the likelihood of the project producing unqualified products or services, in addition to consuming a heavy outlay of operating costs. In this case, factors that surface technical risks include; inadequate Equipment Quality, depreciation, inadequate Organization Systems as well as facility infrastructure. Analysis of probability and consequences Risk Factor Consequences Likelihood Impact Potential Equipment Quality Moderate Moderate Very Serious Depreciation Minor High Moderate Organization Systems Moderate High Moderate Facility infrastructure High High High Likelihood vs. Consequences Conseque nces Low Medium High Likelihood High B C Medium D Low A Mitigation Strategies In technical risks, the most viable risk mitigation strategy includes risk transfer as well as risk minimization. However, more practical approaches such as, mentoring the managers of the newly initiated project, as well as the team members, can be used in these types of risks. Further, project team personnel can be cross-trained in an effort towards ensuring that they have the capability to fill in for one another especially incase of unforeseen events or situations (Broder Gene 3).Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Risk transfer Risk transfer refers to the act of shifting the risk, which should be insurable, to another party usually an insurance company through an insurance policy. Technical risks can be transferred to the insurer such that, if the specified risk actually happens the insurer will make good of the loss and, therefore, the owner of the project will continue to enjoy the economic benefits he was previously enjoying before the occurrence of the loss (Broder Gene 8). Risk transfer is the best option since the owner of the project can insure the whole project or can opt to insure different parts of the project. As such, if the whole project is insured, once a risk occurs and there is a loss, the owner will be compensated. Similarly, where the owner insures different parts of the project, if a loss is caused by a risk factor in any one of the specific parts insured, the loss will be made good of by the insurer (Crouhy, Dan Robert 600). Risk Minimization Risk minimization involves p utting in place devices that can reduce the extent of the loss if a risk actually occurs. In addition, it involves building structures that are able to resist losses or reduce the loss extent. For instance, fire extinguishers need to be put in place so that if the risk of fire actually occurs, they will help in mitigating the loss by helping put out the fire. Also, buildings and structures need to be put up in areas that are free from risks or where the probability of risks occurring is quite low. The standard work processes, as well as equipments, should be used in setting up the project, and this mitigates the occurrence of technical risks (Crouhy, Dan Robert 655). Mentoring The individuals who have been mandated with the responsibility of running the newly initiated project ,as well as members of the team assigned with project work processes, can be mentored such that if anything has not been installed properly and has the capability of surfacing technical risks, it will be note d and corrections made. In turn, this will ensure that the occurrence of the risk is mitigated and if a loss actually occurs, the effects will not be materially felt (Golub Leo 315). The Technical risk control plan From the above risk analysis, it is evident that the order of ranking of risk factors is equipment Quality followed by facility infrastructure then organization systems and finally depreciation. Action for Risk Control Description Option Available Accepting the risk Taking no effort at all to avoid the risk Incase the risk eventually occurs, plan contingencies If this course of action is not practical, then Transferring the risk Shifting the risk to another party, which can effectively bear it Insure the project with an insurer Align both responsibilities as well as authority Another option if this is not practical, then Mitigation Avoidance, prevention in addition to reduction of risks Reduce the number of requirements Define the requirements in a comprehen sible manner. Documentation Generally, the level of technical risk is generally low and, therefore, the best control action is transfer of the risk in addition to risk mitigation. Risk transfer will not affect any work activity. However, risk mitigation will require extensive training of the project team and this will reduce the working time (Golub Leo 326). The project risk manager will be accorded with the responsibility of overseeing the successful implementation of the risk control action plan. The implementation of risk control plan is not supposed to consume a lot of project’s time. Generally, the risk control plan is designed such that there will be no instance that the project will not be operational or perform below par since each and every risk will have been catered. Operating risks There is a likelihood that the project, once it has been completed, will not perform as expected or will not perform to its full capacity. Also, it may be that the project will fail to generate the expected output units. Further, it may be that the project consumes resources excessively. These are what are referred to as operating risks. The risk factors bringing rise to operating risks include; type of business, mergers and acquisitions, the financial conditions, capital expenditure, impacts of newly established accounting standards, in addition to currency fluctuations (Matt 10). Analysis of probability and consequences Risk Factor Consequences Likelihood Impact Potential Type of business High Moderate Moderate Mergers and acquisitions Low Low Low Financial conditions High High High Newly established accounting standards Moderate Low Low Currency fluctuations High High High Likelihood vs. Consequences Consequences Low Medium High Likelihood High E and C Medium A Low B D Mitigation Strategies Risk Transfer Just like technical risks, operating risks can be transferred to an insurer. The type of the bus iness, in addition to mergers and acquisitions, risk factors can be transferred to another party to make good of the loss if it eventually happens out of these risk factors (Young 45). Risk acceptance Risk factors as financial conditions, currency fluctuations, as well as newly established accounting standards, are beyond the control of an entity and therefore, it necessitates accepting them and therefore establishing contingencies to absorb the impact of the loss emanating from them (Matt 14). Risk Reduction These risk factors can be effectively mitigated or reduced if viable and effective strategies are put in place. For instance, the impact of currency fluctuations can be absorbed by providing an allowance for the fluctuation during the budgeting decision-making. Similarly, a business can opt to make a large reserve of finances if such financial conditions as financial crisis arises and, therefore, the business will be able to minimize the impact of loss surfaced by this risk fac tor (Heinze 5). Risk Avoidance Risk factors such as the type of business, in addition to mergers and acquisitions, can be avoided. A business, in order to avoid these risks completely, can decide to engage in businesses or choose mergers and acquisitions that present a less degree of risk. The operating risk control plan The operating risk control plan From the above risk analysis, the order of risk factors from the highest to the lowest is; currency fluctuations, financial conditions, type of business engaged in, newly established accounting standards and lastly merges and acquisitions (Heinze 15). Action for Risk Control Description Option Available Accepting the risk Taking no effort at all to avoid the risk Incase the risk eventually occurs, plan contingencies If this course of action is not practical, then Transferring the risk Shifting the risk to another party, which can effectively bear it Transfer all the risk factors to the insurer or another party who will effect ively make good of losses. Align responsibility with authority Another option if this is not practical, then Mitigation Avoidance, prevention in addition to reduction of risks Reduce the number of requirements Make a comprehensive definition of the requirements involved. Another option if this is not practical, then Risk avoidance Trying all means to ensure that the operating risk factors are avoided Engage in more viable engagements that entail a lesser degree of risks Documentation There is a substantial likelihood of operating risks surfacing and as such, businesses, as well as organizations, should make use of control strategies such as transferring the risk, mitigation in addition to risk avoidance. Risk transfer will not affect any work activity. However, risk mitigation will require extensive training of the project team and this will reduce the working time. On the other hand, risk avoidance is likely to affect a wide scope of work. For instance, by avoiding certa in types of business endeavors, it follows that several work activities, which would have been beneficial, will be forgone (Carroll 10). Just like in operating risks, the project risk manager will be mandated with the responsibility of with the responsibility of ensuring that a successful implementation of the risk control action plan has taken place. Effecting this risk control plan will take a considerable amount of time due to the processes involved. In general, the operating risk control plan will be established in such a way that all the risk factors presenting operating risks will be adequately covered and all the possible control strategies identified (Matt 18). Political risks These are the probabilities that the returns of a corporate could be adversely affected due to changes in political aspect or even political instability. Usually, there is a difficulty associated to quantification of these risks owing to limited case studies, in addition to few sample sizes. Political risk factors include; the government, foreign policy makers, legislative bodies and the military (ExonMobil 25). Analysis of probability and consequences Risk Factor Consequences Likelihood Impact Potential The government High Moderate High Foreign policy makers Moderate Low Low Legislative bodies High Moderate High Military High Low High Likelihood vs. Consequences Consequences Low Medium High Likelihood High D Medium C and A Low B Mitigation Strategies Accepting the risks This involves accepting the political risks and therefore establishing contingent strategies. Risk Transfer The political risks can be transferred to another party in order to make good on the loss. The political risk control plan From the above risk analysis, the order of risk factors from the highest to the lowest is; legislative bodies, the government, legislative bodies and the military. Action for Risk Control Description Option Available Accepting t he risk Taking no effort at all to avoid the risk Contingency planning to absorb the risks If this course of action is not practical, then Transferring the risk Shifting the risk to another party, which can effectively bear it Transfer all the risk factors to the insurer or other parties such as international agencies and other government bodies to effectively make good of losses resulting from political risks. Align responsibility with authority Political risk documentation Documentation Generally, the likelihood that political risks will happen is moderate. This implies that a business, as well as an organization, should come up and implements control strategies such as transferring the risk in addition to the acceptance of political risks. As a trend, transferring risk to another party not affect any work activity. On the other hand, accepting these risks as inevitable is likely to affect the majority of work processes. Just like in operating in addition to technical risks , a project risk manager will be assigned with the responsibility of making sure that a successful implementation of the political risk control action plan has successfully taken place (ExonMobil 56). Effecting this political risk control plan will take a considerable amount of time due to the processes involved as well as the formalities and legal systems to be complied. Conclusion From this analysis, it is evidently clear that the future events that have the ability of making the life of a person or an entity to be jeopardized are commonly referred to as risks. Literally, risk is termed as the potentiality of a chosen event will surface a loss or even an outcome, which is not desirable (Carroll 24). Contemporarily, almost have realized the benefits of implementing risk management strategies in an effort towards mitigating losses that may be presented by the risks. Several risks can befall a project making it lose its economic value. Some of these risks include political risks, ope rating risks, in addition to technical risks. However, several risk factors give rise to these risks. For instance, considering the operating risks, the risk factors would include such things as type of business, mergers and acquisitions, financial conditions, currency fluctuations as well as newly established accounting standards. Several strategies can be used to mitigate the occurrence of these risk factors. Strategies such as risk transfer, risk avoidance, risk mitigation, as well as risk acceptance, are some of the most viable strategies that can be implemented to curb or absorb the loss. Risk analysis is a decisive phase of risk management as it is through this phase that risks with a high degree or most likely to occur are identified. Further, it is through this risk management phase that the possible impact of the risk is identified. Risk analysis is an important phase of risk management as it is through this phase that risks with a high degree or most likely to occur are id entified. Further, it is through this risk management phase that the possible impact of the risk is identified (ExonMobil 67). Baik, Doo-Kwon. â€Å"Systems Modeling and Simulation: Theory and Applications†, Risk Management, 6:2 (2005): 7-23. Print. Broder, James Gene Tucker. â€Å"Risk Analysis and the Security Survey†, Risk Mitigation 6:8 (2012): 3-8. Print. Carroll, Williams. Re: Lessons from Political Risks. 24 June. 2012. Web. Crouhy, Michel, Dan, Galai Robert, Mark. Risk Management, London, UK: Prentice Hall, 2000. Print. 752 pages ExonMobil, Safety environment: Risk Factors. PDF file. N.d Web. Golub, Bennett Leo M. Tilman Risk management: approaches for fixed income markets. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning, 2000. Print. Heinze, Maxi. Risk Controll and Mitigation. London, UK: Springer, 2007. Print. Kerzner, Harold. â€Å"Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning and scheduling†, Journal of Risk Management, 9:5 (2009): 11-20. Matt, Davis, 2008. Risk Factor AnalysisA New Qualitative Risk Management Tool. PDF file. N.d. Web. Vaughan, Diane. The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance, London, UK: Springer, 1997. Print. Young, Ki-seon. Benefits of Risk Management. London, UK: John Wiley and Sons, 2011. Print.

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Pierre Auguste Renoir Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pierre Auguste Renoir - Essay Example Renoir born on 1845 February 25 and died on December 3 1919 was a French artist who contributed greatly to the movement of Impressionism. The movement is about the artists were not allowed to conduct exhibitions privately. They have to give their paintings to the official salon. Renoir gave some of his paintings to the salon and also at he same time dared to conduct exhibitions privately. He was very innovative and always experimented with his work and brought out new methods of paintings with which the work looked exclusively special. The paintings of Renoir give an impression that the figure in the image is coming out of the image, as though the sunrays are falling on the hats or window, as though there is so much delight in the life of a women or the one portrayed, as though some thing special is hidden in them. The freshness and the openness make us feel divine for a moment and we feel are we in the heaven where there is nothing but joy. One must have an artistic heart to understand the art. Renoir's paintings when viewed, I learned that he frequently painted the landscapes along with other artists of impressionism. He imitated other artists like Cezanne, with small parallel strokes of brush. It is also observed that he was fairly capable enough of painting landscapes but failed experimenting with them. I have chosen the work of Pierre Auguste Renoir because they are not only great but also pretty and whose work seems always to have been done in paradisiacal temperatures. There might be probably no artist to compare with Renoir whose work is with attractive sentiments of charming people. The images look so lively as though she is alive there with living skin. Not only fresh but the way they look can't be explained. Renoir paintings show joy even in the modern days with some chocolate box qualities. People considered his paintings as just pretty and superficial but infact they are profound and done away with intellectuality of the posers and sitters. From the artist the technique to show the bright sun light, the shaded areas, the strokes of brush and the apt color compositions to the nature are the things to learn. Renoir made a self-conscious attempt to make the grand painting through which he conquered the high society and the painting salon or the exhibition as informality of eighteenth century. The painting showed his novel combination of fluid impressionist technique. Here one must remember Vigee-Lebrun. Catulle Mendes was a celebrated poet, publicist, and impresario. He survived with his wife Augusta Holmes, a legendary beauty and a talented musician and his five children. The golden tresses of her were inherited in her daughters also. Renoir's painting "Madame Charpentier and Her Children" fetched much fame and to recall that fame and success he requested his friend Mendes for his consent to paint his three beautiful daughters. His friend Mendes was a publisher of Symbolist poetry and a well-known writer. Mendes wife and his companion Augusta Holmes, an expert pianist and a composer, was the mother of these girls whose names are Claudine, Huguette, and Helyonne. Renoir appealed to his friend like "I beg you to tell me immediately if you want portraits done of your beautiful children. I shall exhibit them [at the Impressionist exhibition] in May, so you can see why I am in a hurry. I shall do the drawings at your house and the portrait at mine". In the painting the eldest girl is seated at the piano and turns to her